Saturday, 27 March 2004

teaching an old dog new tricks

today, while having a large iced lemon tea at KFC and doing some lesson planning at the same time, I was suddenly gripped by this strange and very random fear..

what if i'm an old dog that can't learn new tricks?

according to this article: LiNE Zine - Old Dogs, New Tricks, and a Few Simple Opinions, one way to "move (old dogs) out of their comfort zones .... is to provide a challenging environment to simulate and encourage learning."

but that's exactly what i did to myself!

last year, i put myself in a new and challenging position (in terms of career) and forced myself to learn new tricks so i wouldn't be stuck being a so-called "One Trick Wonder", i.e. "the dog that knows that one amazing trick that pleases everyone, but he just can’t seem to master anything else." (i.e. if i know any amazing tricks at all..haha)

but now, i'm in this phase of self-doubt, fear and uncertainty.. it seems not that easy to pick up all these new "tricks" after all... i'm wondering if these tricks are really difficult to learn, or is it because i'm actually an old dog??? :O

anyway, there is no other way but to succeed... yep.. only one choice.. :|

Ganbatte, Hwee Ling!

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