Tuesday, 23 March 2004

habitat news

due to increasing workload, i've been way way too busy to blog properly.. which isn't really much of an issue anyway since I doubt I'll be abe to blog about much else than my lesson plans, stress, coping with stress, stuff I've learnt in my new work environment, people i've met and their impact on me etc.. which i've been discussing to death with people around me anyway..

but check out habitat news - Natural history news for the busy Singaporean - a blogsite of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (RMBR) - a site i've been religiously following since it was started not long ago by Siva, a.k.a. Otterman, an individual passionate about all things nature, especially in Singapore. If you do recall, he commented once about my pet leeches?.. haha... :p

nonetheless, reading the wonderful stories of "leatherjacket filefish, large cuttlefish, plenty of butterfly fish, nudis, lots of crabs, and 2 cat sharks" off Pulau Hantu, "fantastic viz of incredible 4m (!!!!) - something which I've never experienced in all of the five dives I've done in Singapore to date, 3m long giant Hydroids, flatworm galore, as well as "Otters at Kranji mangroves" and "Hornbills on Kent Ridge" is sure to create much disbelief but also joy to those of us who for a moment are sure to imagine we are reading of a place that is definitely not the concrete jungle we call Singapore..

wonderful news! :) Keep them coming!

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