Wednesday, 10 March 2004

Classic '80s Games

wow! i so miss playing these 80s computer games!!! highly pixellated and all that...

I remember having a bunch of them on my very first green monitor Commodore 64 computer!

Commodore 64

These games came in all these giant 5 1/4" really fragile floppies!!

early floppies

My second computer was an XT my parents bought for me when i was 13 and the third and fourth (?) i can't remember... definitely some early non-Pentium computers.. I think the computer I have now must be the fifth or something.. umm... lost count after a while.. :p

anyway, i wish i kept the first one! would have made it into the IT museum for sure! but then, i will be such a karang guni (rag and bone) collector.. haha....

(via filterpaper)

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