Thursday, 18 March 2004

metallic beauty

Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8

this car has sent my parents into a tizzy... but i admit its really beautiful.. :)

got lots on my mind but have just been way too busy to blog them down.... not that the lack of blogging is so much of a problem in itself.. what is more annoying is that I've found that thoughts are really quite a funny thing... usually, in the course of a day, i'll read, hear or think about something interesting (at least to me) that i know i want to write down, or check up on the Internet or talk to people about.. but then, I'll be too lazy or distracted to scribble it down in my 3x4 notebook (no more PDAs for me! :p)...

but put thoughts aside or ignore them for a while and suddenly, they just vanish.. do our minds really work like computer CPUs? If we forget to click on the "Save" button and turn off our computers, all the memory is "lost"? Or is it like what they say.. something about our day-to-day events being more "RAM" vs "ROM" (Random Access Memory vs. Read Only Memory")??? Or maybe the thoughts just float around in the mass of greymatter in our heads and get lodged somewhere.. Unorganised thoughts = No thoughts so it's as good as not having them there at all! worse still, it ends up "clogging our brains", reducing "brain performance"..

Other random musings:

Can there be memories that are forever inscribed and can never be erased? I mean, like traumas and stuff? What if we try really hard to forget something? Will it backfire and we end up remembering them even better?? Like the file is constantly "in use" and defies deletion... we're talking "closure" here.. haha

memories that cannot be erased?

Maybe we need to "replace" old/outdated (read: regressive) memories with new ones..

replacing memories with new ones?

Can there also be things that we are constantly trying to remember but somehow never get "recorded" in our minds no matter how hard we try? Like some kind of blockage..

lack of space for new memories?

haha... ok, i'm going nutz.. back to work.. thanks for your time.. :p

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