Monday, 1 March 2004

Beware the Kalends of March

>> Interview With God

not the first time i'm receiving this via email but it's still nice everytime i see it.. thanks! :)

thus begins my first week of Teaching Practice with a week of intense observation followed by 8 weeks of teaching. as i wring my hands in a mix of mild anxiety and great anticipation, i have to constantly remind myself why i decided to go into this line in the first place and what i hope to achieve, which is not all that easy when everything seems so overwhelming at first..

all those eager faces keen to clear their doubts and confusions.. looking to their teacher, the seeming source of all knowledge and wisdom, backed no doubt by experience but also loads of hidden preparation work and hours of tireless thinking...

i'm suddenly feeling that rush of gratitude to my own teachers for having worked that hard in the past to make sure we learn something from every class we go to.. but also gripped by a mild fear that i cannot live up to the expectations of this vocation...

teaching... never been in a job that keeps asking me why i want to do it in the first place.. for the millionth time, i got another list of questions from my supervisor, among them one asking us "Why do you want to be a teacher?"... *ponder*

seems like today's the big day that Terence is launching his megaproject United Artist Network as well.... take a look... it's quite impressive... :)

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