Wednesday, 3 March 2004

No Pants Day

On May 7th, leave the trousers behind.

more such random stuff:

1. A 17-year-old boy jumped out of a second-floor window at Miami Beach High last week after betting his teacher he was strong enough to do it and not get hurt...

2. cartoon maggots... it's Korean and really cute.. but it does contain..err... comic poo... turn UP or DOWN the volume depending on where you are (i.e. home or office..)

3. Court orders mother to not expose child to "homophobic" religious upbringing ... just when you thought you could teach your kids anything..

4. see strange creatures of the deep.. including the long nose chimaera pup

5. and goody... "The Disney Company has signed a deal to co-finance and distribute a new film of CS Lewis's children's classic The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. "

6. and did you know that M&Ms come in some 21 different colours??

surfing the web.. that's the way i relax and unwind.. just in case you need to know..

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