Friday, 23 May 2003

laurel canyon

ever so often, just as i have almost given up going to the movies for lack of quality big-screen entertainment ( be honest, matrix reloaded was only so-so to me..), Hollywood surprises me with something like Laurel Canyon - a somewhat low-budget indie movie which nonetheless dazzles in its own right..

woven cleverly into a rich tapestry of human emotions, weaknesses, strengths, experiences and temptations, all in a a not-so-lengthy, comfortably paced, well-filmed no frills movie with a stunning soundtrack, this was one decadent RA movie that has human character protrayals that were as real as.. err.. orange peel skin on my thigh??? :O (hahahaha).. looking at the struggles they have, the difficult moral choices they have to make, the breaking down of idealisms and naivete, and coming face to face and coping with their deepest fears, repressions, taboos and mistakes, so as to become more human, mature and perhaps stronger, i couldn't help but relate it to my own experiences and those of many other people i know...

it's a much-needed breath of fresh artistic air.. if you can still catch it, please do. they have like one more show left at Balestier Shaw Plaza.. damn (pardon me) good... really..

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