Wednesday, 14 May 2003

the end of the world

according to the Panawave cult of Japan, the human race will end tomorrow (May 15)

various responses from people when i told them about this doomsday prophecy:

- my daddy says it's not possible because tomorrow is Vesak Day (huh?)
- my daddy also said that if the world ends tomorrow, he intends to "carry on" anyway (huh huh??)
- one friend panicked 'cos she's got a date tomorrow as well as various appointments (and she didn't think the date was "hot" enough for her to die together with him)
- another asked if the source was reliable (umm...)
- my sister wanted to know if other astronomers had similar views (wah.. cheem...)
- kai asked if the panawave cult could perhaps postpone it in view of her upcoming trip to KL that she doesn't want to miss (i told her i don't think the cult can do that as the event had to do with the axis of the Earth changing - something which i don't think the cult could do anything about)
- one really sweet friend smsed me "err, in case it is really the end, i jux want to say u hav been a wonderful frd!" (so sweet!!!)
- one friend said simply "ok, so?" (wah.. damn cool...)

so, as they say: "Eat, Drink & Be Merry! For Tomorrow, We Die!"

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