Sunday, 25 May 2003

internet addict

why am i up at 2.30am surfing stuff like this..

auntie with bra mask Funny SARS collection

and this (SARS-related) is pretty dumb too.. though it's kinda witty in some way...

and also the harts (turn on volume - not too high if you are in the office)

but on a serious note, this article opened my mind: "They can't see why they are hated" ... an article about how ignorant the typical American is with regards to how the world sees them.. after all, almost 26% of all Americans believe that hatred against the US is a result of their "democracy and freedom" (brainwashing?) ... in truth: "Why do people hate America the US?"

"I believe every American should be forced to commiserate with people from other countries while they are growing up. Only when I talked to people from outside my borders did I realize how insanely myopic the entire establishment of the US is. People here really can't seem to understand why the world gets mad at us. It's not evil that's the problem here I think, just incredible, earth-shattering, incalculable, painfully entrenched ignorance." (so said someone)

anyway, this is apparently how the US looks at the rest of the world.. (i had a good laugh at how true it was!)

i guess even for us here in singapore, it's really important to realise that sometimes, the system can be so subtly manipulative that we could end up puppets of the system and going about our lives mindlessly without realising it. it's also about recognising that we are all but different parts of a common humanity (something we figured out with the SARS thing, i hope) and staying apathetic about global issues or just going with the common flow doesn't immune us from what happens around us..

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