Monday, 19 May 2003


here's an interesting article about blogging.

"the confessional nature of many blogs had "redrawn the line between what's private and public."...

i guess i never really had that problem because to me, the blog has always been just another channel of expression, and not a means of venting my frustrations against anyone in particular that i cannot handle in my real life. i mean, it sounds pretty silly to me to think that just because the subject of your writing doesn't actually read the web that it's going to be "safe" to write anything you want (and even put your own name to it).. unless of course the person actually lives on an isolated island in some remote part of the world and will never ever have either access to the internet or access to people who care enough to tell him or her about what you have written..

in which case, i then cannot see why you cannot just leave this person alone and get on with your life??

ok.. morning ramblings.. :p

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