Tuesday, 27 May 2003

As if this wasn’t irritating enough, we saw more senseless intolerance and unprovoked belligerence when dannybunny’s grand macswitch project was publicized in the papers and in ST interactive yesterday. With the more aggressive people blasting him for being “shameless” and “greedy” to those milder ones who said they’d rather donate to the SARS fund or charity than to his “silly, selfish” (or something along these lines) project, it almost looked as if the whole innovativeness and sense of harmless fun in this project was totally missed or otherwise ignored.

To say that one would rather give to A than to B is a clear manifestation of one’s scarcity mentality, which has lead to the typical kiasu behavior in many singaporeans, and is the root of many more serious problems society faces today. Just because he gets his laptop, the SARS fund gets less money.. where did that thinking come from? Were those people who give to him taking out from what they were about to give to charity?? Frankly, I’m not interested in what people would “rather” do. I’m interested in what they actually do. Who would not rather have world peace? But what are you actually doing to make it happen?

So to these people, I say shut up. Do something yourself, either to make the world a more interesting place (like what he did), or to lessen the suffering of others (SARS courage fund, Cat Welfare Society, World Vision..whatever). We don’t need negative and cynical people like you, sitting around and putting down other’s effort.

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