Monday, 26 May 2003

death & death

Algeria's quake toll hits 2000.. that's disturbingly higher than even the deaths from SARS (696 deaths reported from 28 countries) which has gotten a lot more of the world's attention..

with uncontrollable factors like natural disasters, diseases and epidemics already contributing more than enough to the world's suffering, i just cannot understand how mankind can still find sufficient reason to inflict more suffering through wars (see death toll from Iraq war) and other destruction? as Richard Matheson says in "The Path", "Though they are of one family, human beings have hunted each other with more ferocity and cruelty than beasts of the jungle.. Predacious animals hunt only for food. But men hunt to rob others of their possessions and to enslave them. Human law has been made by might and the law of might has been accepted as the law of right."


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