Wednesday, 12 May 2004

Which Earth Angel Are You?


Often described as "a breath of fresh air", that my friend is exactly what you are. Your soul is of the powerful and ethereal family of the elemental spirits. With your impish charm and striking sense of humor and optimisim, you are constantly surrounded by friends and admirers, many of whom watch you from afar, beguiled by your magnetic personality and wit, but too shy to approach you. People of your origin often find themselves in the entertainment industry, as they love to make people laugh and feel better about life. You are most likely fascinated by the origin of fairies, elves and other magical beings, and feel a sense of inexplicable clarity when you watch such movies as Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings. You live for your dreams and most likely your closest friends are other Elementals and Wise Ones, the reincarnated witches and wizards you worked alongside in a past life. You love animals and nature and are greatly angered at man's abuse of it. You hide your anguish behind a beautiful smile and dazzling eyes. Don't let the world's drudgery weigh your wings down, as the human race is counting on you for its sense of morale and hope, which is forever being tested. Stay true to yourself, and one day it will all come together.

how flattering..

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