Sunday, 16 May 2004

life's myriad possibilities

dad suggested that i take up Taichi (Yang style) at the community centre.

mum thinks i should join her and her "auntie" friends for line dancing (gulp!.. imagine cowboy hats and leather boots.. yeeehah!)

kai says we should join the figure sketching classes at Studio Miu at Taka, taught by famous Indonesian sculptor Teguh Ostenrik... we will sketch.. nudes!! :D ..

another good pal says i should join either the ultra cool Exotic Dancing (for ladies only) or Salsa lessons at Attitude Dance Studio that she attended recently.. Very popular classes taught by this very sexy friend of mine - Linna - who appeared in the Sunday Times recently! I've got such cool friends.. erhmmm.. :p

this holiday is chock full of possibilities! .. and i still have to find time to study my Spanish, work out at the gym, and spend time with people who matter to me.. :)

anyway, managed to sort out troubling eye infection (thanks to wonderful docs at Eye Clinic NUH) and straight after, i was hit by a short bout of cough-flu that seemed to have affected everyone else before that.. guess i was weakened by my string of visits to the hospital.. oh well, thank God my health has recovered more or less.. my advice to everyone?

Drink more water and eat more fruits... :p

long waits at the Eye Clinic.. hopefully a thing of the past

Life is good.. :) I feel so blessed.. i can't help but smile..

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