Friday, 28 May 2004

The Day After Tomorrow

we walked out of the cinema last night strangely "spooked" by the show "THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW"...

even though the scenes of devastation and mass destruction were pretty far-fetched (computer graphics lah!), and it is definitely not the first time we see Hollywood wiping out large pieces of the world in incredibly short periods of time - think Godzilla and King Kong -(and surely NOT the first time we see the rest of the world - especially the Asian/ME/African/SAm developing world - looking to the US for solution and wisdom like it's some kind of Saviour - bleah!), the effects were pretty darn good... maybe the best i've seen thus far.. very gripping i have to admit..

signs of the world heading for disaster

i think this show was supposed to trigger us to think about what we would do if the "world were to end tomorrow - or the day after tomorrow?".. but for me at least, i didn't feel the effect of it at all (neither did my sis, who watched it on the same day).. maybe cos this is Hollywood after all and all Hollywood shows have happy endings.. eh? ..haha.. still, it's interesting that they did manage to highlight some real environmental issues, enough to make me and my sis come home to surf the web to read about global warming and becoming carbon neutral citizens..

umm.. how's that gonna reconcile with my desire to buy a car?.. how many trees do i have to plant? or do i have to build a windmill??

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