Tuesday, 18 May 2004

of nude bodies and tissue chopes

Kai and I had a blast yesterday at Studio Miu (in Taka 4th floor) charcoal sketching a rather fine male specimen ... erhm.. haha.. for those a little disappointed at the lack of detail on the ... er.. private parts.. trust me, it's darn difficult to draw it when the model is looking right straight at you.. haha.. oh well.. guess you just have to imagine it?? hahahaha

my take on the rather fine male specimen

it's great connecting with my creative side again..:).. sometimes, with all the rigours and demands of daily life, finding that little bit of time to nurture what little artistic talent we have becomes so difficult.. a fantastic 3 hours just letting my hand, grasping a sticklike piece of willow charcoal, glide intuitively over sheet after sheet of newsprint paper, under the wondrous guidance of master artist Teguh Ostenrik.. i cannot conceive of greater joy.. :)..

Update: Just a point of interest.. is anyone out there willing to volunteer to pose for my friend and I to sketch?? We are desperate for more practice!! hahahaha..

on another note, here's an evidence of tissue choping* i witnessed at Ikea yesterday while I was there for kopi...

it's my table! mine! mine!

according to my friend, this is a purely singaporean phenomenon.. how embarrassing.. :|... i almost took a piece to wipe my mouth.. haha..

*chope - (verb) local slang meaning "to reserve". Example: It's free seating at the concert, we need to get there early to chope seats for our group.

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