Tuesday, 23 November 2004

Melaka (Malacca) snapshots

a famosa

anyone who's ever been to malacca will know what a lovely and laid back little town it is. a gem, really..

on a few websites, it was written:

The city was so coveted by the European powers that the Portuguese writer Barbarosa wrote "Whoever is Lord in Malacca has his hand on the throat of Venice."

great food and great sites too, considering how small the whole place is (i.e. excluding the outskirts and larger environs, with the shopping malls and all). i couldn't resist the yummy chicken rice balls, local popiah, teo chew food, grilled fish and not to mention the traditional chinese sweets sold along Jonker street.

click here to see some snapshots i took on my short weekend visit.

and behold here the king of the river that helps to keep the river dividing the city clean! these fearsome beasts are at least 2 metres long from snout to tail!

jumbo water monitors

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