Saturday, 13 November 2004

Asian Congress of Storytellers 2004

Very Urgent!! :O

The Asian Congress of Storytellers is about to pass us by!!

Kai and I are planning to take part but we need a third person to make it a bit cheaper ($348 rather than $388).

Anyone interested???

It's a good opportunity to meet some world class storytellers and learn how to create and tell stories effectively and creatively to family, friends and anyone interested. I've read through the programme, it's really interesting and varied (drama, dance, songs, folktales, rhythm etc etc) and should appeal to everyone funky and young at heart (dogs young enough to learn new tricks), especially to those of you who are teachers, parents, librarians and storytellers yourself!!

click here to read it yourself and email me @ hwee(at) if you are interested ASAP!! Please note that it is on the 25th and 26th Nov which are weekdays.

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