Thursday, 5 August 2004

SLR pinhole cam

>> this is for shumei (who commented on my message box over there) --> :) .. for an slr pinhole cam, u first need to buy or find a black body cap for ur slr camera.

Step 1: Drill a 1-cm hole in the middle of the black body cap (using an electric drill). Make sure it’s smack in the middle (use a ruler). You can get a camera repair shop or Phua Chu Kang to help you.

Step 2: Cut a small square piece of metal from a Coca-Cola can (larger than the hole you drilled earlier) and poke a tiny hole in it using just the tip of a normal sewing needle or a pin. Make sure this hole is really really small.

The trick to doing this step well is to start by gently drilling one side of the metal first by twisting the needle side to side gently, holding the needle with your thumb and index finger, without piercing the metal all the way through. As the metal is slightly indented by the poking, sandpaper the other side to thin the area. Keep repeating this until you poke the tip of the needle through the metal. In this way, you can get a really nice small hole which is surrounded by metal that has been thinned by the sandpapering. (This is something to do with reducing possible interference to the rays of light entering the camera, from the area surrounding the hole).

Sandpaper the hole neatly on both sides and blow out the dust.

Step 3: Attach the piece of metal to the body cap using strong glue, taking care not to get any glue on the hole. Once you’ve attach it properly, use a black permanent marker to darken the shiny metal that is exposed on the inside of the cap. This ensures there will be no unnecessary light reflection inside the camera.

Step 4: Take pictures using ISO400 film! :) I found that I had to adjust some settings on my Minolta 700si in order to overwrite some preset function that disallows me from taking pictures without a proper lens.

Happy snapping!

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