Sunday, 8 August 2004

National Day 2004

spooky kids

i still can't get over how bizarre this year's NDP 2004 Music Video is... for those who need to see it again, click here..

i don't think i can get enough of it.. it's addictive.. hahaha

i mean, seriously, the whole idea of getting little children in black and white samfoos to run along the Singapore River, with determined looks on their faces, or standing in perfectly coordinated formations in front of the city skyline.. just seems so .. inappropriate?? ok, maybe i'm just spooked by it.. but just look at their costume! is National Day a joyous occasion or is a day of mourning?? maybe the Government is just trying to remind us of the bleakness that passed us by last year, SARS and all? well.. i don't know.. grrr...

anyway, don't listen to it to much.. i hear it sticks in your head.. as the website says..

"These songs are so ingrained in our hearts and minds,
They can truly be called Singapore Songs - Our Songs..."
.. :O

Update: Just found some extra stuff! apparently, Mr Brown wrote on this too! (Read here).. according to him, the reason for the bizarre costume, according to official statements is:

"We'd like a uniform for the children to wear, something like will capture the ethnic diversity of our country, while not emphasising one race over the others. And it has to make the children look disciplined and well-behaved examples of upright young citizens, while showing their cute and spontaneous sides."

ummm... *rubs chin with suspicion*

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