Monday, 2 August 2004

me, the confounder. me, the confounded.

i think i've become very confused.

in fact, i think i've finally thought too long and too hard and about too many disparate and profound things and have short-circuited my brain.

which means i'm the cause of my own confused psyche. i blame no one..

usually, when something is on my mind, or i'm pondering over an issue that confounds me, a solitudinal weekend, with a nice long meditative walk, 15 laps of the pool or a quiet evening run would suffice in having everything fall nicely into place again, usually for the better.

but that didn't happen the weekend before. nor the one that just passed.

so there are all these unsorted, uncatagorised, unprocessed thoughts in my head, clogging up my neuron channels.. (ha, i'm so going to be scolded by my neuro scientist friend Lynn for this unscientific nonsense.. :p)

or maybe it was the weekend gluttony (having survived the week on school canteen food). or maybe it was because i never actually had the weekend to really rest, having packed it with trying to finish work that i brought home, meeting people, doing all sorts of random things, and worst of all, squeezing with the weekend crowds in one of the many "EVERYONE IS HERE!" places (namely Orchard, Suntec, City Hall, East Coast..)

this Monday was no better than the last. i entered the week feeling rather drained, with an energy level definitely below optimum level, and an enthusiasm level to match...

still trying to find my ideal balance in life.

at this stage, i'm working on my diet, my exercise, my spirituality and aspects of my career ... i'll update you all when it sorts out.. :) i'm optimistic it will all be clear soon..

in the meantime, remember.. DON'T CONFOUND YOURSELF!

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