Sunday, 12 July 2009

Surprising new things that I learnt....
  1. Performance-related pay doesn’t encourage performance [read]

  2. Dr Thio Li-Ann, 41, an ex-Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) (aka daughter of "I'm on Page 73") will be teaching ‘Human Rights Law in Asia’ during NYU’s Fall 09 Semester under the faculty’s Global Visiting Professor of Law programme. [read]

  3. Our best ever NMP Siew Kum Hong fails to get a second term in Parliament!!! [read] ... @$%#$%_)&*&*^ .... needless to say, it's a huge loss to all of us, every single one of us in poco punto rojo Singapore, not just the ones who really enjoy and appreciate the good debate he has finally brought into Parliament, and for raising those issues that are truly important but which many have thus far feared to raise.... even the people who may not agree with him 100%... i'm sure deep in their hearts, they know he's worth all the respect we can give him... look at what and how often he actually spoke as compared to the others! Indeed, here was someone who really cared for the people around him... Thank you Mr Siew for what you've done for us and for civil society!! We'll miss hearing your views in Parliament!... as someone said "Thank you for speaking up on the issues that Singapore has always been afraid to confront. Equality has always been a hard goal to achieve because of certain lobby groups, yet you have not bowed to them under their pressure." .... so very true.... I salute you, Mr Siew!

  4. And in his place we have new NMPs like this Calvin Cheng who writes like this!!! - [read]... Such a disappointing and immature and defensive and meaningless response to an entirely valid argument/question brought up by Mr P N Balji [read] !!!! (Mr Balji had asked Calvin Cheng why the latter had mentioned joining Young PAP "out of curiosity" and then "cutting off links only after Today had highlighted it"... you SO need to read the Calvin guy's response... it's almost hilarious! here is a "so-called" Oxford grad! gulp! does this spell the end of meaningful debate in Parliament?? I don't know.. but maybe it's time i dig out my spongebob squarepants dvd and rewatch it instead....

  5. Marital rape is actually still legal in Singapore in most cases!! Gulp! What kind of society do we live in?? [read] - Quoting the law: "Marital immunity will now not apply where divorce or separation proceedings have been commenced or completed, or where the wife has applied for or obtained an injunction or protection order against the husband."... in other words, in all other cases, it is still accepted that a husband is legally incapable of raping his wife... Regardless of whether or not she consents to sex, regardless of whether or not he forces himself upon her, it is simply impossible in law for a husband to rape his wife.... If you don't agree to this and want to petition for a complete repeal of this archaic law, click here!

  6. Praise could result in less motivated and highly dependent kids! Warning to all parents!! [read]

  7. Spinach, Pear and Pitted Prunes taste great juiced or blended and its great for detoxing... it's a must try!

  8. Watermelon, Cucumber and Cranberries taste great together too! very refreshing and full of nutrition!

  9. And in case you haven't tried... Myojo Chicken Abalone instant noodles taste fantastic with two slices of cheese (any kind, even cheapo Kraft Cheddar!) melted on top... yum yum..
actually, i've learnt a lot more things recently but these are just some things that are top of my mind now as i'm typing... remind me if i've spoken to you about them recently... will update list later as i go along...

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