Friday, 11 June 2004

today's trivials

i bumped into one of my (ex)students at the bus stop today while i was going out wearing this:
3 Monkeys
instinctively, i turned away before she could see me and pretended to sms, thinking to myself "Oh no! cannot let her see her JC teacher wearing a bright orange tee with three monkeys!"

after managing to escape onto an SBS bus that came along the following minute, I started thinking to myself, "eh? what's the big deal?"

it's funny (and certainly tragic) how becoming a teacher has a way of making me rather self-conscious, sometimes to the point of being rather fearful.. sigh.. if I saw my teacher in the past wearing a t-shirt like this, i'll actually think she was rather funky, eh?

hahaha.. oh well.. what to do...

enjoyed an unexpectedly eventful evening at Arab St, lazing at the supercrowded (and everything also "sold out" cos very famous) Cafe Le Caire, eating yummy braised lamb and lamb kebabs with bismati rice, downed with iced mint teas and ending off with relaxed and heavenly puffs of shisha (water pipe with apple-flavoured tobacco)..

as it was Arab Heritage Week (which wasn't really the original reason why we were there - so we were very lucky indeed), we were treated to some fine Middle Eastern live music from Egypt and endless belly-dancing by voluptuous women with thick folds in the middle, jiggling their stuff..

how fun.

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