Saturday, 19 June 2004

Photography Volunteers Needed!

Streetwise Run 2004

Date: Sunday, 4th July 2004.

Event: The Streetwise Run is a nationwide campaign to deter juvenile delinquency and promote community awareness of youth issues. It is organised by Beyond Social Services and supported by the National Youth Council and is part of the Milk Money Fund.

The campaign will comprise a series of awareness programmes that culminates with a Youth Day Celebration at East Coast Park, Carpark F2 after the run. The celebration also features a youth concert and carnival. It promises to be a meaningful Youth Day Celebration for the young, the young at heart and those with a heart for the young!

Who They Need: Volunteers to take photographs at various venues.

I was approached to help as well as to spread the world.. think you should be able to email them @

and remember...

"A candle loses nothing when it lights up another" ... :)

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