Wednesday, 9 June 2004

my bangkok trip

traffic bottlenecks, calf-deep flashfloods and sweltering weather aside, bangkok is beginning to look like a really great city to live in.. at least for a while..

thai folks are in general gentle and friendly, and definitely a lot more relaxed than the typical Singaporean, the food is almost always cheap and delicious (as long as you don't mind the occasional overdose of MSG), booze of all kinds is plentiful and impossibly affordable, the mix of weekend street markets and upmarket shopping areas continually and reliably provide that heavenly shopping experience that singaporeans are known to visit bangkok (almost exclusively) for.. thai traditional and foot massages go for S$10 for a full hour.. and now they have a nice skytrain that looks almost entirely like the MRT before we had ezlink (down to the gantry and signages)!

in short, i had fun.. and i got to meet up with an old friend and her hubby, which is always really nice.. :)

click here to see these pics in details (2 pages)..

the chatuchak weekend market continues to amaze, albeit in an often very distressing way - at the pet section, we saw, amongst others, the following being sold: cats, dogs, rabbits, box turtles, tarantulas, hundreds of clownfishes, squirrels, koi, sharks (yes, sharks - i've got a picture there), mongoose, green tree snakes, cobras, chinchillas, fishes of all sorts in tiny air-filled plastic bags.. it was a whole zoo there..

i'll see if i can find time to upload a few more in time to come (no promises.. very busy..)

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