Wednesday, 2 June 2004

Minolta Prod 20's

in a fit of unexplained madness (quite unlike me), i bought this supposedly limited-edition compact Minolta camera just now for a little sum..

it's not incredibly expensive but now i've got another camera in hand! :O

i'm mad.. i'm truly camera mad.. i should be restrained... help me!!!

oh well.. if you want to know more about this camera, this site says it best:

The camera which Minolta which rode condition in outdated boom of eighties limits sells. The Minolta PROD 20's, being conscious of the styling of the European-American of 20 age camera, those which were designed it seems. With limitation sale only of the Japanese country, there is no with something and design likes and purchases. Those which with the dead stock item are displayed at the store it seems. Because it is limitation sale, in world 20000 unit limited items.
As for the body nickel chrome plating is administered with the brass make, but contents are simply the compact camera. The electric battery is exchanged, it has become L type Leica faked that you remove the bottom cover entirely. Price of that time: 48,000 Yen / $400.00us case attachment . c1990/8

hahahaha.. don't u love weird English..

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