Monday, 19 April 2004

will you still love me tomorrow...

this is sweet.

teaching practice is becoming more challenging by the day.. other than the endless amounts of lesson planning, there is the constant uncertainty that accompanies us whenever we step in and out of a half-dead class... sometimes, at the end of the day, we wonder if we have made a dent of a difference to anyone at all..

for a profession that is entirely people-centered, it's easier said than done to "just do our best" (something that many kind souls have been telling me to do...) after all, our results and our sense of achievement are determined almost entirely by the impact we have made on other people, not on the amount of teaching we have done in the classroom ...

these past few days have been scorchingly hot in the daytime, turning classrooms into furnaces.. sometimes, even i feel sleepy when i walk in, only to be blasted by the heat from the oven-baked walls... the kids are comatosed after hours of endless lessons and nothing seems to be effective in reviving them.. except for occasional lame jokes such as:

Q: Why did the bee cross its legs?

A: Because it couldn't find a Bee Pee (BP) station .

teaching is hard.

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