Monday, 12 April 2004

funky pinhole cam

there's no doubt about it.. i'm constantly and abundantly blessed in those things that really matter to me.. photography, travel, career, friendships, a wonderful family and other inspirational figures in my life....

someone just lent me this fun plastic pinhole cam... see GAKKEN OTONA NO KAGAKU

now i've a new toy to play with... :) it takes normal film but requires no battery whatsoever..

i take first and then show you, ok? :p

in the meantime, look at the results of a pinhole photography experiment (called 'Emulsification') this Japanese guy did with some giant glass balls... he custom-made these giant glass globes and then coated the insides with some photo emulsion thing before covering the outside with black material and foil, leaving only a small hole at one end. He then leaves the whole glass ball out in the garden to capture the scenary.. I guess at the end, he removes the outside covering and illuminates the globes from the inside to complete these amazing creations..

the Japs are truly imaginative and creative!

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