Thursday, 29 April 2004

golden homes

i saw this sight from my window yesterday at around 5pm and couldn't resist taking a couple of shots with my digital cam.. a few minutes later, it poured cats and dogs for a good two hours or so.. the evening was nice and cool and the smell of rain lingered on till late into the night.. i love the smell of the air after a rain..

can't wait for this week to come to an end.. next week will be the final week of my teaching practice at a real educational institution in singapore, with real students, real teachers and real classroom problems.. the end of a part fun part stress part agony experience and then i can look forward to another short holiday before we're finally told our destination for the next three years..

these two weeks have been a spinning mix of excitement, uncertainties, heart-stopping highs, revelations, friendships and all things that make life challenging but meaningful...

i'm looking forward to this weekend.

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