Wednesday, 21 April 2004

a moment to treasure

sunrise 21 April 2004

when i saw the sunrise this morning, i was blown away....

i never knew i could witness a sunrise as stunning as this in my little garden city ... and from my apartment window... glancing nervously at my watch to make sure i wasn't going to be late for work, i ran to grab my digital camera and managed to snap but two shots before the sky brightened, almost in the blink of an eye..

i almost missed it!

it suddenly dawned on me that many things in Life are really like that... a moment of indecisiveness, hesitation, procrastination and the opportunity passes you by, never to be seen again.. imagine if i stood by and just wondered if i should take the picture.. after a minute or so, the whole process of decision-making would have been pointless..

so i believe in following my intuition.. my gut feel.. though i have frequently been accused of being a daredevil of sort, taking risks of all kinds, seemingly without care of consequence or repercussion, it's really only because i'm afraid of missing an opportunity which stares me in the face.. just because i was afraid... or worried about what others would think....

I believe I should live Life the way I believe..

(this stunning picture is dedicated to my new friend... happy one week anniversary! :) .... thanks for giving me the courage and reason to do so..... and thank God for all the wonder and beauty in my life... :)

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Anonymous said...

I chanced upon this blog while I was google for some other topic.

Its been 7 years...
I guess you are doing well