Thursday, 20 September 2001

wonderful dinner at Italian restaurant Senso last night - had a starter of Swordfish with caviar before we downed a linguine with baby clams, white wine and squid ink sauce and a risoto rice with crayfish. portions were just right and service was excellent to the point of looking a tad bit artificial. Business in Club Street seems to be distributed quite unevenly with some places looking really empty (despite it being already mid-week) and some places like Senso bustling with their evening crowd of well-heeled executives. Buko Nero was closed till 2 Oct- that was our original choice.

Ended the evening with a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Sunrise Surprise - ultrasweet, superthick Vanilla milkshaky drink that almost choked me with its viscosity and a walk along Boat Quay to be harrassed by the sexily-dressed seafood restaurant tout ladies and cheesy signboards advertising beer for $10 a jug (wow!),

learnt how a refrigerator and air conditioner works - apparently, the airconditioner contains all these freon gases (which also contain CFC gases - like the refrigerator) and these cooling coils. The airfilter bit will pull in the air in the room and let it pass through the gases (which will take away the heat) and the cooling coils before blowing out the cool air again. If you want a very "cheong hei" and scientific explanation (or you are already holding your bellies laughing at my description : ( check out >>

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