Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Shiroi Koibito!!

I love my parents! they just came back from hokkaido and bought me boxes of shiroi koibito! and of cos other stuff but its the shiroi koibito that i am after!! wahahaha...

shiroi koibito

the amount of wrapping is rather.. umm... excessive... there is the pretty wrapping you see in the top pic. then when u rip that open, you find a white cardboard box with simple designs.. and then in the cardboard box is an ornamental blue metal tin (which is quite nice and probably useful for putting shiny little objects) - which is shown in the middle pic; and then lastly you reach the chocolate which is in the metal tin, individually wrapped, bundled 3 together with a thin strip of clear plastic... makes one wonder if it is all part of the strategy to delay the gratification as long as possible! :)

Shiroi Koibito - This is the famous Shiroi Koibito representative of Hokkaido, born from Ishiya Seika's excellent techniques and passion for confectionary. The soft flavored white chocolate sandwiched in fragrant "langue de chat" cookies (white type) after its first production in 1976 it has been enjoyed by many customers and was awarded by the Suisse Monde Selection in 1986. - taken from the Shiroi Koibito website.

two pieces of thin but crispy cookies with a slice of white chocolate sandwiched between them.... yummmy....... :) about S$15 per box of 28... is that expensive??

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