Sunday, 24 May 2009

EnviroFest 2009 @ Toa Payoh Hub

singapore nature

dropped by to take a look at the array of exhibits (panels, specimens and so on) put up by the many passionate volunteers from the various nature conservation groups in Singapore, including Green Volunteers Network, Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research & their volunteers the Toddycats, Team Seagrass, Hantu Bloggers, Nature Trekkers Singapore, NParks etc.. it was fun pledging to eat at least a vegetarian meal once during the next week, to petition against keeping whale sharks in captivity (as was to have been the case for one of Singapore's IRs) and buy some car decals..

always warms my heart to encounter people truly passionate in doing something for the bit of biodiversity we have in Singapore... definitely an eye opener...

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