Sunday, 21 May 2006

Sipadan Reefs damaged

i gasped at the extent of the damage and couldn't speak for a while.. i didn't know whether to grieve more for nature, or for the stupidity of mankind... :'( ... how much longer must nature suffer at the hands of those who do not care?

"Sipadan - Tragic Incident." By Antonella Ferrari. FiNS blog, 16th May 2006.

Photo from article

Excerpt -

"An enormous steel barge carrying thousands of tonnes of coarse gravel, sand, steel tubes, iron mesh, prime movers, a large bulldozer and a gigantic crane, which had incredibly been allowed to anchor right in front of Sipadan's legendary dropoff before unloading its cargo on the supposedly protected island was pushed against the reef by wind, ending up beached on the island like some monstrous whale.

In the process of being beached, the barge scraped clean thousands of years of nature's delicate work between the old pier and Barracuda Point. The barge's flat steel hull wiped corals away like a giant knife slicing through butter, leaving in its wake hundreds of square metres of unnaturally flat limestone, and a veritable wall of coral and debris piled up against the beach."

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