Thursday, 20 April 2006


According to this website, our brains are able to remember faces far better than we can remember numbers and letters, hence this fascinating new authentication system..

Passfaces (i tried the demo! it's cool!)

which replaces the need to remember numbers and letters with picking out a pre-agreed set of faces from several grids of other faces. Apparently, we can remember the set of faces we pick even after a long long time!

the govt should consider allowing us poor overworked civil servants to use this system to replace our current need to remember a ridiculous number of passwords!

since i joined the public sector (which hasn't been for very long), i've had to remember no less than 10 or so passwords, and mind you, they are of VARYING LENGTHS (of between 8 to 12 letters).

Of course i didn't start out with 10. I started with only 1 or 2 and used the same ones for the myriad (mostly non user-friendly) systems we were presented with to do the million and one (sometimes inconsequential) things we had to do regularly.. like mark attendance online, and key in results, and submit medical and dental claims, and handle exam applications, and apply for training courses, and update our online resumes, and what-nots.. but then, the passwords started expiring after random periods.. some expire at the end of each month (!!), others after a few months, yet others if we don't touch those systems for a period of time (durh! who needs to log in THAT often??).. so we all ended up with a bunch of different passwords.

the worse thing is, we WILL forget those passwords (who wouldn't??) and then, when we try and try in vain to log in again, the system will eventually "lock us out" and we will then, lagi worse, have to fill in and submit some ridiculous paper form to reapply for a new password, all the time getting disapproving frowns from the admin people..

so eventually we will all give up memorising those passwords. we will instead write down the whole list of passwords and display them neatly and prominently on our desks, next to our paperclips, highlighters and cups of coffee.. yes, so-called "passwords" but with zero security..


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