Thursday, 13 April 2006

A Documentary

check out what Channelnews Asia will be screening at 7.32pm this Sunday 16th April... a documentary on Qin Shihuang!!

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wahahahaha.... hope the poor fella responsible for this doesn't get into trouble.. brr... some people don't have a sense of humour, you know? :O

and from ST Interactive April 13, 2006 "Who is afraid of voting against PAP?" - on yesterday's telecast discussion between the young and MM...

Mabel Lee: But is that the state that you really want Singapore politics to have... bearing in mind that your GRC system results in walkovers. You have a young generation of people who really don't care about politics. Or, they're even fearful if they do get to vote. So is this the system that we really want?

MM Lee: Are you fearful to vote against the PAP?

Mabel: Perhaps, yes. Honestly - a little bit.

MM Lee: (Laughs) Why? Tell me why. What will happen to you? How will we know that you voted against us?

(Group laughs)

MM Lee: No, no - let's pursue this 'Because I'm afraid!'. You tell me you've gone through O levels, A levels, university, working in 93.8 Live and you're afraid that if you vote against the PAP, something will happen to you?

Ching Wern: I think this is the impression that the PAP has created.

MM Lee: (Laughs) No, you're spreading that impression.

Ching Wern: No - you can ask every one of us here...

Pearl: Add to that effect that there isn't a level playing field for the opposition in the terms of upgrading.

MM Lee: There is no level playing field of any government helping opposition to win votes.

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