Sunday, 23 April 2006

Enid's Exhibition
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@ 61 Kerbau Rd (MRT: Little India)

Enid Sim's series of whimsical pieces addresses the status of what is natural. She attempts to show how man's understanding of the natural has shifted to the point of being paradoxical. For example, pet lovers keep animals as pets and invariably remove them from the very nature where they ought to be. As she puts it, "I am fascinated by man's paradoxical attraction towards nature - of how much nature captivates us and how we attempt to keep nature in captivity." In ‘Work-in-progress’, she injects the irony of man's obsession with nature and how our na├»ve intrusion and eagerness to know nature has done more harm than good. What a parody to our omnipresent thirst for knowledge and education!

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