Friday, 3 December 2004

Where the Jobs Are!

the statistics below relate to the US economy but they could well provide a highly probable picture of the direction our own economy is going as well.

This "hierarchy of human talents" shows how American jobs are changing as a result of greater productivity.

- People Skills (financial services, nursing, teaching and such)
- Imagination and Creativity (acting and a host of others)
- Analytic Reasoning
- Formulaic Intelligence (book keepers, secretaries, phone operators, etc.)
- Manual Dexterity
- Muscle Power

"Those who earn their living with muscle power, manual dexterity or formulaic intelligence are increasingly finding themselves replaced by automation or cheaper overseas labor, requiring them to adjust by utilizing higher-order skills that machinery or outsourcing can't do as well.

"Americans who want to prepare for the better jobs of the future will concentrate on developing their creativity, imagination, people skills and emotional intelligence," the authors write."

see the 2003 Annual Report at Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

something worth noting for friends of mine who are contemplating their future vocations..

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