Wednesday, 1 September 2004

27 blocks spurn HDB lift upgrading scheme

yesterday's Straits Times had this story about how some elderly folks, who voted for the Lift Upgrading Programme in their estates and didn't get it are bitter, saying others are selfish. Parliament is hence going to discuss if these blocks should be given a second chance.

in particular, they quoted this 'accounts clerk Tan Aik Hua, in her 50s', who is bitter that the scheme was nixed at her block saying:

"I hope those who vote against it don't grow old."

now, my point is, what do you think this old lady meant when she said that?

read it again carefully.

did she mean.. "Wait till these people grow old themselves"? (which, of course, is a pretty reasonable thing to say)

or did she mean.... gulp!.... "I hope these people don't get to see old age"?? :O!!! i.e. .. this is one evil curse??? :O

i've asked around and most of my friends think i'm nuts for being quite sure she meant the latter.. but read it carefully and you can surely see why i believe that..

gulp... the old lady sure is angry.. :*

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