Sunday, 20 April 2003

the only constant is change

it has only been a little over 2 months since i left singapore and so much has happened.. the war in Iraq, the SARS thing, Indonesia tightening its visa regulations, my car has been sold, a couple of changes in the art shop, some news from my family back home... it sems like the world is restless and even if you sit there and try not to do anything, things are just going to keep happening around you and affecting you anyway...

i figure that the wisdom behind this is: Since changes are going to happen anyway (whether positive or negative ones), we can forget about being apathetic and contented and hoping that the world leaves us in peace. All we can make sure is not to lose our heads panicking and reacting to the situations, and instead grab the bull by the horns, be responsible for our time and what happens to us (instead of blaming or sitting around complaining) and make the best of our journey here on earth..


i gained this wisdom consulting with the hummingbirds. ahem.

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