Saturday, 5 April 2003

not chilly in chile

the island of Chiloe was really quaint, though for some spooky reason, the cows moo all night, the dogs bark all night, the horses neigh all night, the sheep bleat all night, and seagulls kept flying round and round, screaming, making it extremely difficult to get to sleep.. in fact, we even heard these really weird wailing sounds that came from no beast or bird that we know, and only at night! We are guessing the presence of high levels of extra-terrestial activity on this island..

am still in chile, after visiting the beautiful national park of Puyehue and heading up to Santiago now... got infected by some malicious bacteria a few days ago and had to see a doctor to get antibiotics (for my sister: i got Ciproval) and to get some tests done.. but, as my friend says, i was surprisingly still "climbing up and down like a mountain goat".. hahaha..

got to go..another brief blog.. what to do...

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