Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Full Moon
Moon Photography

just took this 15 mins ago out of my apartment window.. the moon was so distractingly huge in the night sky on my drive back along the PIE that i almost had difficulty keeping my eyes on the road...

according to this moonmap from this website, you can see 2 craters (Crater Tycho & Crater Copernicus) and 2 mares (Maria means 'sea', namely Mare Nubium ("sea of clouds") and Mare Tranquillitatis ("sea of tranquillity") in my picture! can you spot them?? you need to sort of tilt my pic a bit cos i think the other pic was taken in North America or somewhere..

according to all astrological predictions i see online, tonight as a full moon night is quite something indeed...

"Full Moon in Scorpio Ritual - May 19 - 20, 2008 - This Full Moon in Scorpio is an excellent time to make an important choice...will you allow yourself to fall into the trap of external reality and find the mundane world and the wishes of others dominating your life, or will you step forward and decide that you are driving your own chariot? Will you accept responsibility for creating your own life and step firmly onto the path of personal evolution? Taking control of our own thoughts, deeds, and actions will infuse us with inner strength and creative power that can become the driving force behind living a joyful and enriching life. Now is the perfect time to choose your path and create your destiny."

nonetheless, when is it ever NOT a good time to take responsibility for our own thoughts, deeds and actions?? haha...

guess it's the same with new year's resolutions, we always need to have a "special time" to start making changes in our lives.. oh well...:)

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