Saturday, 2 February 2008

CNY 2008 @ Chinatown

CNY at Chinatown 2008

brought the fotog club students down to chinatown yesterday evening for their annual photoshoot fieldtrip.

nothing much has changed since last year (what's new?) except the stalls are now stacked high with cny ornaments adorned with rat/mouse designs (mickey minnie are just plain annoying but ratatouille is ok) instead of piggy designs (though we noted designs from past years were still on sale, albeit at a good discount).. and there was an apparent dominance of chinese from china manning the stalls and shouting out for customers instead of the usual singapore aunties and ah bengs (these were still there though, amusing us with their tireless jingles) .. the variety of stuff on sale was palpable, from magic window cleaners to unbreakable pencils, gold plated pumpkins, dvds of mute-deaf chinese dancers, recycled animal shaped metal sculptures and more..

snack stall holders were a tad bit aggressive though, shoving samples of everything from taiwanese muah chee to nuts to strawberry chocolates and braised mushrooms into our faces and hands, refusing to take no for an answer even when we insisted we were sick of trying the food. it was clear they were getting desperate, with the end of the pre-cny shopping period in clear sight..

yay.. long weekend coming... :)

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