Thursday, 1 June 2006


i haven't seen one since i was in primary school!!!

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i remember that back then, they'll always fly into our flat in the middle of the day.. the common red ones with black spots, yellow ones with black spots, some that look like new york cabs... even white ones and one that looks like this! there are apparently nearly 5,000 species worldwide! we'll catch these dot-sized bugs in little glass containers to examine them for hours before letting them go.. after all, who could resist these fascinating creatures..?

then one day, the ladybugs got fed up. they were sick and tired of people's fascination and yet captivity of them.. they convened and finally made a drastic but desperate decision... forever hide from the human eye.. into the dark cloak of the night.. and we couldn't see them no more, no matter how hard we searched....

(i'm sure of this fact because i checked with all my friends and their first reaction is always: "Ya! i haven't seen one for a really long time!")

but i was up at 3am last night and one flew onto my table where i was working on something! i couldn't believe my eyes and no words can express how i felt at that time..

anyway, i'm glad they're still around :).. cute fellas, eh?

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