Friday, 2 June 2006

extract from singapore travelogue

i was surfing the net for some malaysia road maps when i came across this globetrotter's travelogue on singapore...

"In our brief stints in Singapore it seems like all we ate was noodles. Fried noodles, noodles in soup, it all tasted good to me. The drinks served were much more of an "adventure." In the few hours of our layover there we had "Grass Jely Juice" which did indeed have actual bits of some jellylike substance and was the first to make our list of "worst drinks". "Water Chestnut Juice" was the second to make the list for no reason that I can decribe beyond it tasted bad.

The topper was the ice tea that we got after wandering about the extremely hot and humid midday of Singapore. We sat down in a food court and saw a tantalizing fishtank sized contanier full of iced tea and huge chunks of ice (don't worry, the water is safe in Singapore). We got two large glasses of it, but two our horror it was extermely salty! I don't know if I'll ever look at ice tea the same again.

These "traumas of beverages" were made up for in our second stop through Singapore all because of a bakery we like to call "Bread Talk." Well, I guess they like to call it Bread Talk as well since thats it's name. They had a chocolate bread pastry stuffed with this creamy espresso filling which was possibly the best pastry I've ever had. Sarah agrees and also thought the eclaire there was incredible. I didn't try it but after the espresso pastry I have no doubts about it. Bread talk was also the bakery that brings Singapore the pastry "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bacon." I didn't try it but I thought the name was worth mentioning."

oh dear.. doesn't he make singapore sound dreadfully strange?

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