Tuesday, 4 January 2005

Tsunami SMS hoax

wicked and/or gullible individuals are passing around sms hoaxes trying to destroy the credibility of Mercy Relief's fund raising efforts for the Tsunami victims..

one of these poorly-worded messages reads: "Please Do not call this 2 no. 19009111110 to donate $10 or 1900-9111150($50)This is a cheated money calls, confirmed by SRCS Pls help 2 pass e msg"

Mercy Relief is genuinely helping the Singapore Red Cross Society (SRCS) to raise funds. I've checked with the Red Cross directly on the phone and they're aware of this hoax going around.

it's so unfortunate and unbelieveable that certain individuals out there can see this as an opportunity for a childish prank, capitalising on the fears of others out there.

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