Sunday, 26 April 2009

Weekend Break - Breakfast & Bugs

took my first mental & physical break of the year till now (yay! exams over for this semester! :)) and went for a nice slow breakfast today and a long walk around botanic gardens.. forgot how much i enjoy the gardens.. one of the places i really love in Singapore... :)

here are some pics.... i'll post up more when i have time..

Sloan court hotel
^ sloan court hotel breafast... singapore's best kept secret

bugs, singapore botanic gardens
^ bugs @ the botanic gardens

and i washed my car too :).. i love washing my car instead of sending it to the car wash.. but often, i get so busy i don't get to wash it for a while... now i discover this site that tells me what to do with all the dust that accumulates after a while.. check out The Dust Art of Scott Wade

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