Sunday, 8 February 2009

Birthday Celebrations

getting a bit too old for celebrations but glad there are still wonderful people around me who made me feel special on this day.... like my wonderful colleagues around me... . :) thank you for the toy galore..... by the way, this post is super delayed, my birthday was exactly a month before this day.. haha... busy lah...

Toy Galore

and of cos my annual visit to the sea angels exhibit @ the underwater world that very weekend... the place has a lot of the old stuff nicely spruced up as well as new stuff like the Giant Pacific Octopus and Pharaoh Cuttlefish, and an impressive ray touch pool.. still one of my favourite tourist attractions in Singapore, worth every cent!

Grainy pics taken with an Olympus MJU 710:
Sea Angels @ Underwater World
Pharaoh CuttlefishGiant Pacific Octopus
finally managed to get a decent video recording of the sea angels after these few years of repeated visits.. enjoy!

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