Thursday, 23 October 2008



tried to search online and on "frogs and toads of singapore" on wildlife singapore (Warning: Not for those with amphibian phobia, aka "Batrachophobia"!) for help to id the funny looking fella.. but to no avail... (Update: The fella is listed there! It's the first one on the list!! Seems like the specimen I had was a tad bit dehydrated compared to the chubby moisty one on the website!! :p)

finally joined Flickr: Frog and Toads/Discuss (never knew such a site exists!!) and .... lo and behold! I GOT AN ANSWER!!!

Kaloula pulchra - The Asian Bullfrog (aka Banded bull frog or Asian Painted Frog and even Chubby Frog)!!! :O

Interesting Facts: Known to have immigrated from West Malaysia during the 1800s.Very common seen island-wide, especially after heavy down-pour.

Size: 7.5cm

Diet: Invertebrates

Activity: Nocturnal and terrestrial-burrowing

Habitat: Disturbed forest, agricultural areas and urban areas

Tip: When selecting an Asian painted frog, make sure that it has a good weight, clear eyes, no abrasions or open wounds, and is behaving normally (???).

"Don't be fooled by its bulky size. It can still climb trees very well."
:O x 100

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