Wednesday, 1 August 2007

What Car Matches Your Personality?
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You're driven by adventure

That's not to say we'd necessarily find you rafting wild rivers or climbing tall peaks — it's just that you're curious and enjoy exploring the world around you. You're probably more likely to be out hiking a mountain path or wandering an urban trail than sitting at home watching someone else do it on the Discovery Channel. There's a part of you that just loves a thrill — whatever form it comes in. That's why you're not afraid to try out new things, even if it means taking a risk or two.

But what does this mean about the perfect car for you? Your car better be able to keep up with your unpredictable pace, and unpredictable circumstances. You need a vehicle to get you into, and out of, the thick of things — not to mention a car that can haul all the necessary gear around with you. Your four-wheeled friend needs to perform just as well in the snow and rain as it does in your everyday routine. You can't experience the thrill of a new adventure if you can't get there!

Who's the perfect car companion, the vehicle to fit your adventurous lifestyle? It's an SUV or sports wagon like the Ford Explorer, the Subaru Outback, or the Chevy Avalanche. Your ideal ride might be more affordable than you'd think! And adventures await.

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